Official Modding Tool Released For Cyberpunk 2077


CD PROJEKT RED, which does not fall off the agenda due to the bad output of Cyberpunk 2077, released the official modding tool for the game. More detailed content can be added to the game thanks to the official modding tool.

One that has been expected for many years and disappointing with its release Cyberpunk 2077 Third-party mods were rolling out. For example; A mod was released where you can play the game from a third person perspective. However, third party mods will no longer be required.

Cyberpunk 2077’s developer studio CD PROJECT REDreleased the official modding tools for the game. Players will be able to create their own custom content with these modding tools. According to the statement made by CDPR, the modding tools will be updated with the game so that there will be no compatibility problems.

Official modding tool for Cyberpunk 2077 released

Cyberpunk 2077

This modding tool, where a lot of things can be done such as adding special mission contents to the game, has been released recently. With patch 1.1 presented to users together. With this patch, it was aimed to solve the errors and crashes encountered in the game. However, the events did not develop as CD PROJEKT RED wanted.

Some users with the released patch 1.1 that they started to encounter new problems and stated that the crash problem still continues. So the studio is still not able to fully satisfy the owners of Cyberpunk 2077. Therefore, eyes are turned to new patches and updates to be released.

Patch 1.2, the second major patch for the game, will be released in February. We will see whether the problems encountered with this 1.2 patch to be published can be resolved after the publication. If the problems in the game can be resolved with the updates, it may be possible to really enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 with the mods developed by the players.


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Well, what do you think about this subject? Do you think CD PROJEKT RED will be able to remove Cyberpunk 2077 from where it fell with patches and updates? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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