Official tender: NASA wants to order spacesuits by mid-April 2022


NASA is taking concrete steps to replace the old spacesuits for outdoor use in space (EVA). There is now one for that official tender the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the US Government website.

The schedule is tight. As early as November 1st, applicants should submit documents with references and the reason why they are their own. Further documents, for example with information on insurance, occupational safety or subcontractors, must then be submitted by December 1st. NASA’s goal is to sign a contract with one or more applicants as early as mid-April. According to the tender, this includes an appointment period of ten years. On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, NASA will provide further information to interested parties as part of an online conference.

NASA is still missing new spacesuits for future missions both on the ISS and for the Artemis program with the aim of flying to the moon again. Financial considerations play a major role here, the redevelopment of spacesuits has already cost 420 million dollars. Former US President Donald Trump also failed because of his finances with NASA flying to the moon again by 2024. Only one third of the necessary budget was approved by parliament.


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