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The new cloud solutions for privileged access management and identity governance include Okta Privileged Access for Improving security and agility of critical computing resources, Okta Identity Governance to modernize identity governance and administration as well as extensions of the integration network in the areas of risk and fraud, customer data orchestration, data protection and compliance as well as software development lifecycle.

Traditional PAM solutions are often not flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing types of resources and users that come with cloud-based DevOps organizations. To meet today’s demands, modern companies need a Zero trust security strategy in real time, which is anchored in identity and privileged access management and includes IT, security and engineering teams.

Privileged access management: Combination of identity management and access control

Okta Privileged Access Management combines identity management with flexible least privilege access controls for critical infrastructures to increase development speed, operational agility and improve zero trust security at the deepest levels of enterprise environments. Okta Privileged Access simplifies the complex management of highly sensitive Access to hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure resources. Granular, user- and role-based security policies can be applied seamlessly from a central system to manage who can access what at the infrastructure level.

In addition, the compliance results are brought together in a central view by linking the session logs with specific users. Okta Privileged Access is up and running faster than other vendors’ products and builds on the successful securing of critical infrastructures with Okta Advanced Server Access. Okta Privileged Access is available in the early access program from Q1 2022.

Privileged Access Management Okta
Okta Privileged Access Management includes identity management and least privilege access control. (Graphic: Okta)

Okta Identity Governance complies with the cloud-first approach

Conventional identity governance and administration systems are designed for on-premises applications and infrastructures, are expensive to deploy, very complex and do not meet the requirements of today’s dynamic cloud environments. Okta Identity Governance is a powerful new offering that takes a cloud-first approach to Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and is used to solve complex user access and compliance challenges. The solution delivers self-service identity governance and administration for all users in the extended enterprise through a single plane of control. In this way, strict compliance requirements can be easily met without affecting speed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Okta Identity Governance uses common workplace tools to promote self-service and thus simplify the assessment and decision-making of who is allowed to access which resources and when. The result is increased productivity and greater acceptance of governance strategies. Okta Identity Governance will be available in the early access program from Q1 2022.

Okta Privilege
Okta’s Identity Platform supports companies in the areas of access, governance and privilege. (Graphic: Okta)

New Customer Identity Risk Ecosystem and further workflow integrations

Okta also announced the expansion of the Okta Integration Network in the four main areas of Risk and Fraud, Customer Data Orchestration, Data Protection and Compliance, and Software Development Lifecycle. These new integrations address the challenges of digital transformation in the areas of security, customer experience, application development and data protection and use Identity to solve highly complex challenges of digital transformation – from securing transactions to digital onboarding.

Privileged Access Management: Extension of the Okta Integration Network

The neutrality of the Identity Cloud is underpinned by the Okta Integration Network, the comprehensive identity network with more than 7,000 integrations for the most popular cloud applications and tools. With immediate effect, the Okta Integration Network will be even more powerful with a series of new Okta Customer Identity Workflow connectors: prefabricated integrations with Hubspot, Mixpanel and SendGrid that cover complex use cases of digital transformation. These new connectors enable the seamless integration and use of identities across a number of core technologies of the Customer Experience tech stack and can be easily found using the updated Okta Integration Catalog.

New API for Okta Risk Ecosystem

Companies need to maintain the trust of their customers while protecting themselves from attacks. With the new Okta Risk Ecosystem API, customers can use the identity to incorporate and centralize external behavioral and transaction risk signals in order to identify approved users and secure e-commerce experiences. New integrations with bot detection and web application firewall providers such as Signal Sciences, now part of Fastly, Human, F5 Networks and PerimeterX use the new Risk Ecosystem API to link fraud risk signals to a specific user. The new integrations complement Okta’s existing partnerships with the aim of providing a holistic 360-degree view of the customer and security profile.

The extended Okta Integration Network for Customer Identity is now available online. Okta Workflows for Customer Identity is also available starting today. The function for including external risk signals is now available in the Early Access program and accessible via adaptive multi-factor authentication. (sg)

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