Olympic History Going Back Thousands of Years

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, postponed due to the pandemic, will begin shortly. In honor of this, we wanted to convey information fluently, such as the beginning of the Olympics in Ancient Greece, why the Olympics were held and which games were played in the past. Let’s take a closer look at the history of the Olympics.

OlympicsIt is one of humanity’s rare traditions that has continued to this day since its origin in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago. Many athletes from all over the world are pushing their limits. represent their country in the best way possible to participate in the competitions.

So when did the Olympics start? Why was it done and what was its purpose? Especially Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponed due to the pandemic As it will start soon, we answered these questions and conveyed the history of the Olympics to you fluently. If you wish, let’s go into the depths of this long-standing tradition of humanity without wasting time.

When was the first Olympics held?

leaf crown

The ancient Greeks loved sports that almost all of their depictions men with baklava It’s not that hard to understand. The ancient Greek people, who loved sports so much, lived in the Southwest region of Greece. Olympia They held a tournament in the city.

50,000 people, every 4 years first according to estimates 2,700 years ago from all over the world to watch and take part in this event. was going to greece. The Ancient Greeks at that time called the contestants who won the Olympic games, ‘Well, we don’t have a gold medal’ say and a crown made of leaves they were giving.

Why were the Olympics held?

peloponnesian war

Although they love sports, the love of sports is not the only reason why the Ancient Greeks organized this event. Realizing that they could attract people from all over the world to this event, Greek diplomats also called this event also used for diplomacy. How Does?

While the Greeks were organizing this event every 4 years, they sent ambassadors to all over the world and the ongoing stop wars during the Olympics they would say. ‘a holy peace‘, they used this announcement as an advantage to develop strategy for their own wars. Of course, do this to the publicWell, so people can come safely to Olympia, dear” they explained.

golden zeus statue

Diplomatic reasons aside, the Olympic games also had a religious aspect. Even more religious It was like a festival. All of the Olympic games were dedicated to Zeus, the god of gods in Greek mythology, and visitors could see the Temple of Zeus and its interior. Zeus statue made of gold and marble they would ride on top of each other to see it.

What games were played in the first Olympics?

ancient olympic games

  • Running
  • Long jump
  • Disk atma
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Pankrasyon
  • Equestrian events


olympia olympic stadium

in the races at the Olympic games 3 types of lanes existed. The first is the Olympic field from start to finish (200 meters) is completed by running and the fastest was winning. The second is from two rounds It was a running race consisting of 400 meters was running. In the third 7 to 24 Long runs are made with the number of laps varying between resilience was measured.

Long jump

ancient greek long jumper

In the long jump, athletes use it to increase their jump distance. yular They used weights made of stone or lead called At the last moment, these weights, which they held in their hands until the last moment of their jump, they were throwing behind them and gaining speed.

Disk atma

ancient greek discus throw

In the most ancient discus throwing game, the disc was first crafted from stone, then from iron, lead, or bronze. The throwing technique and the rule of winning the game are today’s free disc throw with almost same.


ancient greek wrestling

Wrestling was of great importance in the Ancient Greek Olympics because it was a kind of unarmed army training was characteristic. Wrestling matches at that time, just one of the athletes when he gives up was ending, so there was no point system.


In this Olympic game, which we can call boxing under today’s conditions, but which consisted of a fierce fight back then, the athletes tried to strengthen their hands and wrists. straps used to tie. At first these belts from rags it was made and soft but then leather straps they started using it, and this meant that the fights to go bloody led to He is also one of the athletes in boxing. when he gives up the game was over.


antique yunan pancreas

today’s The father of MMA pankration, which we can call martial arts and wrestle It was a competition of coming together and The hardest game of the olympics was called. The ancient Greeks believed that pankration expelled the Minotaur. Theseus believed to be found by

Equestrian events

ancient greek horse racing

The most well-known of the Olympic games of ancient Greece was the equestrian events, ‘chariot’ called, a human lasts and 2 horses maximum with a towed vehicle chariot race contained. Of course, horse races were also organized as it is now, and these races took place in the Hippodrome.

The main purpose of the Olympics outside the games

ancient greek altar of zeus

In the first Olympics held outside of the Games main purposeIt wasn’t about playing games and winning. Ancient Greek times of the Olympics a religious event We talked about the nature of it before. For this reason, the main purpose of the Olympics is a sacrificing ceremony was to arrange.

On the 3rd day of the Olympic games, 100 oxen It was sacrificed by burning on the Altar of Zeus. This altar is not of stone or marble, as you might guess. from the ashes of sacrificed oxen was being made. Even the size of this ash altar around 200 BC it was exactly 6 meters high.

So what’s the deal with the Olympic flame, which is taken from one place to another every year?

olympic fever

as a matter of fact of the Olympic flame nothing ancient because you’d be surprised there was no need to carry the Olympic flame back to Olympia from the city of Olympia. Yes, at that time in the temple of Hera in Olympia there was a constant burning flame but with the olympic games it had nothing to do with.

The first Olympic flame and torch took place in Amsterdam Appeared at the 1928 Olympics. The case of handing over the torch 1936 Berlin Olympics promoter Carl Diem’in fikriydi. In the torch-handing ceremonies held in the following years, the audience increased, various ideas were implemented and became what it is today.

olympic fever

In fact, the torch-handing ceremony in 2004 took place from Olympia to Athens. He traveled all 7 continents without extinction. Currently, this ceremony one of the most important symbols and around the world The Olympic torch is seen as a symbol of peace.

What was the place of women in the Ancient Greek Olympics?

women in ancient greek olympics

Women could also participate in the Olympics, which took place in ancient Greece, but only those who are single. For married women participate in competitions was forbidden. If a married woman is found to be trying to infiltrate the Olympic games thrown from a mountain as punishment. Pretty civilized, right?

However, women are also they could take part in chariot races and single women additionally every 4 years at Olympia could celebrate their own festivals. In the name of this festivalHeraia ‘ was called and was the wife of Zeus. HeraIt was held in his name. The winners were rewarded with crowns made of consecrated olive branches. But in Ancient Greece only Spartan women he was interested in sports so not many people attended.

The first Olympics to take place in pandemic conditions: 2020 Tokyo Olympics

2020 tokyo olympics

the world so to speak’passing throughpandemic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponed due to with the olympic gamer, 23 July 2021 starts on. Athletes from all over the world will sweat to represent their country in the best way possible in various Olympic games.

From 23 July to 8 August The Olympic torch, the symbol of the upcoming Olympics, will be transferred to Japan by changing hands. on July 18 will arrive and Japan from 47 different provinces He will go on a long journey.


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