On Github: Telekom and SAP publish source code of the Corona app


The code is there: The software group SAP and Deutsche Telekom have published the program code of the Corona app on the net. The code for the Android and iOS version is available on the Github platform ready. The app should be ready for use in mid-June.

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The warning app is designed to curb the spread of the Sars Cov 2 virus. It uses the principle of contact tracing (proximity tracing) to warn of contact with a person infected with the virus. Using the standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), smartphones exchange temporary identification numbers (IDs) with other devices. Google and Apple have made the corresponding interface available to the developers.

The changing device IDs (Rolling Proximity Identifiers / RPI) are derived from keys that are generated daily and are used to identify the device and are uploaded in the event of an infection. The IDs change every 10 to 20 minutes to prevent third party tracking of devices.

If a person becomes infected with the virus, they can upload their keys to a server. Depending on the duration and proximity of a contact, the app warns the contact persons that there is a possibility of infection. Those affected should contact the health authorities and have themselves tested. has installed the Corona app. (Image: Friedhelm Greis /

The app is to be published in English and German. Other languages, including Turkish, are to follow. The code was not yet complete. The last screenshots were published.

Now be “all remaining, as yet unpublished source codes for the app are published on the developer platform Github”, announced the Deutsche Telekom and SAP according to the German press agency (dpa). Both groups developed the app as an open source project. According to your information, around 65,000 volunteers participated in the project and made suggestions for improvement. This commitment is “outstanding and clear evidence of a lively software engineering culture in Germany”.

The publication is an important milestone on the way to the first official app version, wrote SAP Technical Director Jürgen Müller in a post on the social network Linkedin. It should be available in mid-June.

Until then, there is still a lot to do: has installed the Android version of the app. However, this still makes a rather inferior impression. So we got various error messages, a lot of text is still blind text or contains typing errors: At one point it is shown as “Wran app” instead of as “Warning app” designated. The navigation also has shortcomings. The Bluetooth interface can obviously be activated via the app. has summarized the most important details in a detailed FAQ.

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