On Which Products Will VAT Be 0 Percent?


According to the new details shared regarding the VAT regulation, which has been on the agenda for a while, the demand for VAT zeroing in basic food came to the fore in the workshop. However, it is on the agenda to zero or reduce VAT to 1% for basic needs.

About two weeks ago, Turkey was on the agenda after the price hikes. basic needs products There was a new application to be applied. According to the details shared by the AKP’s economic staff, the Value Added Tax levied on basic products would be ‘discounted and simplified’. About this app today an important development it happened.

According to the information conveyed, the Revenue Administration has come to an end in the work carried out to reduce VAT rates. In the workshop held with the representatives of the sector in the Presidency, the demand for the complete abolition of VAT on products that are not considered luxury came to the fore. In line with this request VAT will be reduced from 18% to 0 Some products and product groups are also listed.

VAT on basic foods could be eliminated


According to the information shared by Sabah Newspaper, the products whose VAT rate will be reset are planned to be as follows:

  • basic food products
  • Oil
  • Egg
  • Milk and milk products
  • Meat and meat products
  • Baby food
  • Hijyenik ped

In addition, within the scope of the study, such as education and health along with food in basic needs It was stated that it is planned to make a regulation on the VAT rate. While the Consumer Confederation demands the complete abolition of VAT on basic needs, some sector representatives have decided to apply a single VAT rate on food. They want this to be reduced to 1% as well. expressed.


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Today, VAT is applied in three different ways: 1%, 8% and 18%. While the work on the simplification of VAT, exceptions, discounts and refund processes continues, the priority issue is, In the direction of reducing the 18% VAT.

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