One of the World’s Most Expensive Meats, Made in a 3D Printer


A group of scientists managed to produce one of the most expensive meats in the world using a 3D printer. There is now a synthetic version of the meat, 450 grams of which has a price tag of approximately 1,700 TL.

In this period when we frequently discuss the global climate crisis, studies are continuing to seek alternative solutions to the livestock industry, which is one of the sectors most affected by the climate crisis. Livestock and meat industry It is one of the industries with the highest carbon footprint and in recent years, steps have been taken to prevent this situation by changing the way we eat.

Wagyu beef, which is considered one of the most expensive meats in the world, was produced in a 3D printer within the scope of research conducted on this subject. 450 grams of which is approximately one thousand 700 TL and adult a cow’s cost is approximately 250 thousand TL. Wagyu meat, which costs a huge price, has been successfully produced by human hands.

Food of the future:

Wagyu meat 3d printer

Nature Communications’ta published The research used two types of stem cells from Wagyu cows, bovine satellite cells and fat-derived stem cells. The main purpose of the study is to provide flavor and texture to meat; known as marbleization or sashi; was to create a structure similar to the intramuscular fat of meat.

Michiya Matsusaki, senior author of the study, said, “By developing this technology, it’s like a nice sashi of Wagyu beef. reproducing complex meat structures In addition to this, it will also be possible to make fine adjustments in fat and muscle components,” he said. Thanks to such studies, it is thought that it will be possible to produce tailor-made meats that are suitable for taste and health conditions in the future.


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Bio-meats The foods that will be on our tables most frequently in the future is expected to be between With its balanced nutritional value, non-harming and environmentally friendly structure and resistant to bacteria, bio-meat is thought to be an important trump card against both environmental disasters and bacterial epidemics in the future.

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