One Person Requested 30 Thousand TL from the Person Who Stole His Car


A very tragicomic event happened to a citizen in Kırklareli. U.Ö., who lent his car to a person he just met on social media, received an interesting response from the person he contacted when he did not return his car. The person who ‘borrowed’ the car asked U.Ö for 30 thousand TL for the car.

With the increasing use of social media, we have also stories of fraud and theft We saw. However, what most of them had in common would be that the communication of the defrauded person was limited to social media. This time, we are faced with a slightly different scenario and a slightly more surprising event.

In the center of the incident in Kırklareli, there are two people who come across in a friend environment and then meet by communicating on social media. U.Ö., who is a victim of these people, and BB, who is the person whose car and credit card stolen, from him in return for his vehicle and credit card He claims he wants 30 thousand TL.

According to the allegations, BB ‘borrowed’ the car and the credit card and went missing:

car theft

In the incident that happened in Çiftlikköy, in Lüleburgaz district of Kırklareli, a while ago, in a friend’s environment, and after meeting each other on social media U.Ö and BB decided to meet. The ‘friends’, who met with BB’s friend H.P, went to HP’s house after driving around the county for a while.

Stating that he should go to the district while spending time at home, BB told U.Ö by borrowing his car and credit card left home but did not return home. U.Ö, who wanted his car back, told B.B to bring the car via his social media account, but the answer he received was not as he hoped. BB, to deliver the vehicle from U.Ö. He wanted 30 thousand TL.


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Informing the gendarmerie about the incident, U.Ö. reported that his car was stolen. As a result of the efforts of the gendarmerie teams to find the BB and the stolen vehicle the vehicle is located in Istanbul information was shared.

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