“One Vaccine Equals No Vaccine”

Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Alper Şener, in his statements about the course of the epidemic in Turkey, touched upon the problem that most hinders the effectiveness of vaccination studies. Stating that people who neglected the vaccine after taking the first dose did not acquire a permanent immunity, Şener stated that unvaccinated people carry up to 1000 more virus.

It is obvious that the most powerful weapon we use in defeating the coronavirus epidemic is vaccines, as in most diseases. There are data and studies on how and why vaccines should be administered. The recent statement made by one of the most authoritative names on the COVID-19 pandemic in our country is once again a reminder of how vaccines should be administered.

Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Alper Şener, used for COVID-19 that a single dose of vaccines has no effect in the fight against the epidemic. explained. Şener drew attention to the importance of applying the second dose and the third dose according to which vaccine it is. “One vaccine equals no vaccine.” used the phrases.

“A single dose of no vaccine works”

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Izmir Katip Celebi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Infectious Diseases, Lecturer Prof. Dr. Şener, in his statements about the course of the epidemic, In the last 4 weeks, the number of cases has increased by 200%. stated. Expressing that the region with the highest increase is the Southeast Anatolian region, Şener explained the role of mistakes made in vaccination studies in this increase.

“The main reason for this increase is those who do not have a second dose or have never been vaccinated” Using his statements, the professor emphasized why even those who survived the disease should be vaccinated with the following explanations: “He thinks he is protected because he survived the disease. Especially in those over the age of 60 who survived the disease and did not get vaccinated, the disease could be fatal. Natural immunity is formed, but There is no permanent antibody response. Therefore, since the epidemic is widespread, there are other variants, even if he survived the disease, he should be vaccinated.

Alper Şener also spoke about the problem of dose neglected by citizens in the way vaccines are administered. “One vaccine is equal to no vaccine. No vaccine type is given a single vaccine. We have to underline this. Some of them have a single dose but not a second dose. Then the first vaccine is in vain. Besides the financial and moral burden, we can’t get results. If the vaccination schedule passes, we have to start over. used the phrases.


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Continuing his explanations on the importance of being vaccinated, Prof. Dr. Alper Şener argued that health personnel should be fully vaccinated, except for those with special conditions. Şener stated that since healthcare professionals take care of patients other than COVID-19 cases, they can spread the disease much more easily, while the vaccinated person carries 1 unit of virus, that an unvaccinated person carries between 100 and 1000 units of the virus. told.

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