Oneplus 8T: battery full in 45 minutes and 120 Hz display


Traditionally, Oneplus brings a new edition of its current top smartphone with a T name suffix at the end of the year. The Oneplus 8T scores above all with 65 watt fast charging and a 120 Hz display.

The T-models are traditionally new editions of the current top-of-the-range phones from Oneplus, which will be launched in the first half of the year. Even if some considered this to be too short a rhythm for a generation change, it has long since become commonplace. In fact, the T models were usually not about completely new smartphones, but rather something like a facelift. A lot will be different in 2020, including that: While Oneplus is launching an Oneplus 8T, an Oneplus 8T Pro is missing and will probably not come either. The reason: The manufacturer considers the Oneplus 8 Pro (test report) to be too fresh and, compared to the competition, too good to justify a successor. Our answer to that: Right! But is the Oneplus 8T necessary then?

It is chic, the new Oneplus 8T. The back of our test model is made of a satined silver tone, the glass of the surface is slightly more handy, but remains overall slippery. Due to the rounded sides towards the long edges, the smartphone is very comfortable to hold, but the protruding camera unit is annoying when it is placed on a table. Since it was placed in the upper left corner, it tumbles when it is operated. The transition into the shiny metal frame is flowing, it has no disturbing edges. It’s different at the front.

This is not due to the shape of the Oneplus 8T or the workmanship, but rather to the protective film applied to the display. It shows a bit of resistance when wiping over it and is sharp-edged at the edges. This can be easily remedied by removing the foil. Apart from that, the front looks fresh and modern. The punchhole notch in the upper left corner and the evenly narrow frame around the display contribute to this.

The workmanship is excellent. The transitions between materials are fluid and barely noticeable, the few hardware buttons including the selector switch for the bell mode are wobble-free and have a perfect pressure point and key travel. With its 160.7 × 74 × 8.4 millimeters and 188 grams, the Oneplus 8T is slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor, but that is not noticeable. For a smartphone with these values, it feels downright light-footed. Unfortunately, like the predecessor, the new model is not waterproof – that is reserved for the Oneplus 8 Pro (test report).