OnePlus 8T’s Official Rendering Images Released


Official press images of OnePlus 8T, the new smartphone to be launched by OnePlus on October 14, were shared on We learned about the prices of the phone on a retail site.

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, which has managed to gain the satisfaction of users with its smartphones, OnePlus 8T will launch its smart phone. OnePlus 8T, which was recently introduced with an official 17-second video, now we will see all the details of the device on official rendering It appeared with its visuals.

These published images confirmed how the OnePlus 8T will look and brought us new information about the features of the device. Unlike its predecessor OnePlus 8, OnePlus is not curved, but a flat OLED will come across with the screen. In addition to this screen with 120 Hz refresh rate, the phone 65 W Fast charging support, four rear cameras and a slightly thin body draw attention.

Co-founder and CEO of OnePlus, who made a statement about OnePlus 8T Pete Lau posted a photo explaining that the phone will weigh 188 grams and will be 8.4mm thick.

OnePlus 8T price

The official price of the OnePlus 8T has not yet been announced, but according to information revealed at a retailer, the phone Between 550 Euros and 750 Euros It was reported that it would have a price. Of course, we have to wait until Wednesday, October 14 to learn the net price of the phone.


OnePlus 8T’s Camera Design Revealed

So how did you find the design of the OnePlus 8T? Do you think OnePlus has released a phone that we can call “flagship killer” again? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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