OnePlus Employees Told Not to Talk About OPPO

After the announcement that the ties between the OnePlus brand and OPPO would strengthen, the leaked document revealed that OnePlus employees were asked not to answer questions about ColorOS and other operating systems in any way.

Recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said: OnePlus brand will work more closely with OPPO and announced that they would sign joint projects in the future. These two brands are already they are close was known.

Especially recently, the partnership between these two technology giants has been very net not. Nowadays, both companies do not provide sufficient explanations to their users and keep some things secret does not satisfy users.

Revealed documents from OnePlus:

leaked document

Especially famous for the accuracy of the leaked documents. Evan Blass, OnePlus to address employee questions. leaked the document he published. Especially at the beginning of the document “Important note” was noticed. On this note, “Do not answer questions about ColorOS or any operating system. Instead of ‘We currently do not have an update on this. Please stay tuned for our news from official sources.’ answer me” is writing.

Almost everywhere in the rest of the document, constantly “Nothing changes, everything will be fine, OnePlus fans will be happy” statements are included. At this point, OnePlus OxygenOS’u If he wasn’t going to change it, he would explain it. If he were to change it, he would still say something about it. statement was made. However, OnePlus is keeping quiet about it and in an effort to hide his possible plans looks like.

Other information appearing in the document

Oppo ve OnePlus

The document also includes answers to some questions about OnePlus’ future plans. For example, most users “Will OnePlus, Realme and OPPO companies form a common ecosystem?” The answer to the question is also available in the document. The answer to this question in the document is as follows: “The OnePlus brand is looking for various ways to bring its technology-leading products to more users. While creating a fluid ecosystem among all its products, it also aims to include other Android and even iOS users in its ecosystem.”


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In summary, the OnePlus brand, Even iOS users get their attention, change their platforms, and to join its ecosystem wants to provide. This means that OnePlus will produce more different products. giving the signals.