OnePlus Prevents Devices from Using Full Capacity

OnePlus was removed from Geekbench for manipulating benchmark apps. According to the information transferred, some applications in OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro models can only use a single core of the device, while other applications, including benchmark applications, can use the devices at full capacity. OnePlus made a statement on the subject.

In addition to the price performance models it produces, it also has powerful flagships. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlusallegedly uses inappropriate methods in performance tests. According to information, OnePlus is reducing the performance of its smartphones.

While allowing some applications to use the device at full capacity some about it restricted Geekbench also made a post about the alleged OnePlus. OnePlus, which received reactions from the technology community and consumers, also has statements on the subject. Here are the details:

Some applications are blocked from reaching the high-performance X1 cores:

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