OneWeb to Rival SpaceX in Internet Service From Space

UK-based OneWeb continues to work on SpaceX’s internet service from space, which stands out with the Starlink project. The company, which launched 36 new satellites into orbit last day, aims to offer broadband service to the entire UK with its fifth launch in June.

London-based global communications company OneWebcontinues its efforts to provide broadband internet service from satellite to worldwide. Recently 36 satellites The company, which launched into orbit, is working on a project that will be a direct competitor to Elon Musk’s Starlink project.

The only difference between the two projects is that Musk’s Starlink service is far beyond OneWeb. Because currently in orbit about 550 kilometers 1.300 Starlink satellite and by mid 2027 about 42,000 satellites more is planned to be launched.

OneWeb’s number of satellites in orbit increased to 146:


OneWeb, on the other hand, is at 1,200 kilometers in orbit to provide a worldwide service total 648 satellites plans to have. The company’s number of satellites in orbit reached 146 with the last launch on 25 March.

OneWeb will be launching three new launches in the coming days, according to a company official. With the fifth launch in June, the company The whole of the UK while aiming to provide broadband service Until mid 2022 It plans to serve many areas, including the rest of Europe and parts of Africa.

While it seems to lag behind Starlink, which operates worldwide, OneWeb says they are deliberately slow. A company official said in a statement on the subject that the way big space companies launched thousands of satellites future generations He said it was not responsible for their exploitation of space.


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Unlike Starlink, OneWeb offers satellite internet service not directly to consumers, but rather telecommunication to companies offers and consumers access the internet through telecommunications companies. At the price point, the company says it will leave the pricing to the telecom companies because they will know their customers best.

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