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The webshop of mail order company Pearl is available again. In the past few days, had a display page instead of the online shop, now you can find gadgets like key finders with protection letters, household appliances such as floor washers, handicrafts and computer accessories.

The bugging company had given a “hacker attack” as the cause of the failure of the web shop. On June 5, his IT systems were attacked, as a result of which the attackers gained access to virtual servers and machines. The online retailer blocked these, disconnected network access and shut down servers and systems. The online shop was taken offline to protect customer data. There was no indication that the attackers accessed customer data or stole data. In addition, a storm led to disruptions in the home channel

In the meantime, it was still possible to order goods from Pearl via other platforms such as Ebay or by telephone. Heise online has not yet been able to reach anyone from Pearl for further information on the attack. A request by email has not yet been answered by the press department.

The mail order company, founded over thirty years ago, originally only offered computer hardware, software and accessories such as floppy disks or scanners via paper catalogs. In the meantime, Pearl has expanded its range for what it claims to be 15 million customers and now offers household appliances such as fans or “children’s smartwatches” with tracking function for 63 euros. Pearl sees its highlights as a virtual reality helmet, which the company offered in 1995, navigation devices for less than 100 euros in 20087 and in 2013 the first 3D printer for less than 800 euros.


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