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  • 2020 saw online retail sales increase by 25 percent, according to data from Eurostat; after usual growth rates of 7-10 percent in previous years.
  • Most e-commerce companies are located in England (82,993 retailers in total), followed by the Netherlands (78,454), France (72,594), Poland (51,369) and Germany (24,772).
  • The e-commerce sector only generates billions in sales in Germany (€ 6 billion), Great Britain (€ 4 billion), France (€ 2 billion), Luxembourg (€ 1 billion) and the Czech Republic (€ 1 billion) ).

the investigation has targeted the changes in turnover in the entire industry since the beginning of the pandemic and in particular in companies with annual sales of more than one million euros.

European online trade during Corona – highlights of the analysis

  • With 24,772 online retailers, based on the total number of registered e-commerce companies, Germany only ranks fifth. On the other hand, the German dealers make significantly more sales than the competition from England, Poland and the Netherlands.
  • Six e-commerce companies in Germany generate more than one billion euros in sales: Otto GmbH & Co KG, Zalando SE, bonprix Handelsges. mbH, zooplus AG, eBay GmbH and MMS E-Commerce GmbH.
  • German e-commerce companies have an average annual turnover of 217,513 euros. This is followed by Switzerland (202,256 euros), France (180,108 euros), Poland (127,703 euros) and Belgium (120,055 euros).

The corona pandemic, which spread across Europe in the first quarter of 2020 and continues locally in waves, both large and small, has had a particularly beneficial effect on online retail. “The measures taken to contain the epidemic, such as the associated closings of stationary retail stores and the restricted mobility of the population, have resulted in huge increases in sales for e-commerce,” said Vincent Touquet, Business Developer at HitHorizons. German online trade grew the most during Corona compared to neighboring countries.

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