Online trade: five thousandth DHL Packstation opened –

The Deutsche Post DHL Group is expanding its packing stations. On Monday the 5,000th DHL station put into operation. Like the logistics group on June 8, 2020 announced, the system was put into operation on the premises of the Düsseldorf University Clinic. By the year 2021, a total of around 7,000 packing stations are to be available to customers nationwide.

Job market

  1. W&W Informatik GmbH, Ludwigsburg
  2. mobilcom-debitel GmbH, Büdelsdorf near Kiel

According to the company, an unusually large number of new customers have registered for the Packstation since the beginning of the crisis in March 2020. In addition, customers are increasingly using the option of sending returns and prepaid shipments contactlessly via the Packstation.

According to previous reports, high utilization is a problem: “We are therefore investing heavily in the further expansion of our packing stations. This means that we are not only reacting to the continued strong package growth”, said Tobias Meyer, member of the board of the Post & Parcel Germany division of the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

The capacity of the new machine includes 12 modules with 101 compartments. There are already around 40 packing stations in Düsseldorf.

Corona: Packstation with more users

“The Packstation is a very useful invention, especially in times of the corona pandemic. This eliminates the need for contact between the parcel carrier and the recipient and eliminates the potential source of infection.”said Thomas Geisel, Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf.

Holger Bartels, division manager of the multi-channel sales Post & Paket Deutschland at Deutsche Post DHL Group, explained that DHL is sticking to the plan to install around 7,000 DHL Packstations nationwide by the beginning of 2021, both for the people in the city and in the country.

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