Online workshop for an introduction to Kubernetes operators

Im Online-Workshop Introduction to Kubernetes Operators On January 12, 2021, participants will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in developing and deploying production-ready operators. As application-specific controllers, they expand the Kubernetes API with new functions with which even complex applications can be conveniently managed and provided. To get started, workshop participants get to know important core concepts such as the controller pattern, eventual consistency, custom resources and status management in Kubernetes, in order to then build their first operator with the Kubebuilder SDK and KIND, an installer for local multi-node Kubernetes clusters .

The interactive and practical online course is integrated into the conference platform of Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf instead, so the browser-based system does not require any additional software. During the course, participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speaker and with each other via chat and video at any time. The course is led by Marcel Müller, who as a platform engineer at Giant Swarm deals with Kubernetes operators in a wide variety of production systems on a daily basis.


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