Open source: Bundeswehr tests chat app based on matrix

In the future, members of the German Armed Forces could possibly use the open source software Matrix with the associated client Riot as a crypto messenger on their service smartphones. The reports Heise Online citing the response from Peter Tauber (CDU), Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense, to a request from the parliamentary spokeswoman for the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Anke Domscheit-Berg.

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Accordingly, the messenger based on the open source software should not only be used for daily communication. The Ministry of Defense rather plans to use the messenger to exchange files as well Classified information – for official use only are classified. The pilot project runs under the name BwMessenger,

The combination of Matrix and its client Riot is used in the administration of France as the basis for their work on an encrypted Whatsapp alternative. The authorities in France worked closely with the developers of the matrix community. The Matrix team led by developer Matthew Hodgson is also apparently involved in the Bundeswehr's current test. After all, that shows Matrix team on Twitter pleased that that "now public" be. Switzerland also relies on the Messenger Threema, which is also approved for the exchange of confidential files.

Unlike in centrally governed France, where the matrix system is to be used for all authorities, there is currently great disagreement in the administration of German authorities about which messenger systems should be used in the future. In Lower Saxony, for example, a crypto messenger based on Stashcat is used, while the federal police are currently testing the open XMPP standard in a pilot project. According to the report, the Federal Chancellery is also trying out the open source software Wire.

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