OPPO Becomes China’s Most Popular Smartphone Brand

Dominating the Chinese smartphone market with its sister company Vivo, OPPO has become China’s best-selling smartphone brand with the unprecedented success of the Reno5 series.

Last year, one of the most prominent brands of smart phones and the increase in popularity day by day in Turkey OPPO, for the first time in January, the world’s largest smartphone market China’s number one smartphone brand became. Interestingly, the second best-selling smartphone manufacturer after OPPO was Vivo, OPPO’s sister company.

According to the information provided by Counterpoint Research, OPPO was in China in January 2021. Reached 21 percent market share and became the best selling smartphone brand. Vivo, with a market share of 20 percent, ranked second. Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi, which each have a market share of 16 percent, were other popular smartphone brands in China.

Reno5 family makes OPPO the most popular brand in China

oppo reno 5

Varun Mishra, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint Research, said in a statement on the subject that OPPO repositioned its product lines in 2020. Reno brand and with its low-priced smartphones, he stated that he succeeded in gaining the appreciation of the consumers. OPPO announced its annual smartphone sales in China in January. 26 percent, on a monthly basis, managed to increase 33 percent.

As you can imagine, the biggest reason why OPPO and Vivo are holding almost half of the Chinese smartphone market is that Huawei is going through a difficult process due to the US embargo. While Huawei is having problems with the supply of 5G smartphones; In the last quarter of 2020 65 percent of smartphones sold in China support 5G devices. Therefore, 5G has become a prerequisite to reach a good sales volume in China.

The biggest reason OPPO made a noticeable leap in January is the new OPPO Reno5 family, which the company announced in December. Better camera, better processor, better charging technology compared to Reno4, 5G supportThe OPPO Reno5 models, which offer many improvements such as a better display, caused the company to experience a sales boom in China in January.

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