Or Mystical Messages? Why Do We Dream?


It is thought that all people, even all living things, dream, even if they do not remember it exactly. So much so that there are some who believe that these dreams foretell the future or even give some mystical messages. So why do we dream? There are scientific studies and some theories put forward on this subject.

Why do we dream The reason why the question suddenly came to the fore is a recent post on Twitter by science and science fiction writer Tevfik Uyar, which went viral in a short time. According to this post The answer to the question of why we dream, It’s about the rotation of the Earth we live in. Could we actually be dreaming only in order not to lose our sense of sight in the dark?

Why do we dream The question is actually a subject that has been asked by scientists for many years and scientific studies have been done on it. Considering that a person spends about ⅓ of the day asleep and most of the time has inconceivable dreams and nightmares, we see that it is a subject worth investigating. Why do we dream, is it possible to remember dreams Let’s take a closer look at it.

Do we dream in order not to lose our sense of sight?

night and day

Tevfik Uyar’s Twitter viral in the sharing The source of the theory is the book Live Circuit by David Eagleman, published by Domingo Publications in our country. According to the theory described here, the reason we dream is because Because of the Earth’s rotation Our time is divided into day and night.

It is a known fact that the other senses of visually impaired people are more dominant. Brain, by immediately replacing one senseless sense with another It aims to keep its survival skills at the highest level. The time it takes for an inactive sense to be replaced by other senses is unbelievable, but only 40 to 60 minutes.

Considering that half of the day is spent in the dark and we sleep for hours on top of it, the brain can blind the eyesight at any moment, but it does not. Why is that? Because the dream is at the same time as the lateral geniculate nucleus. It also activates our visual cortex. So we see dreams literally.

To summarize this theory briefly; Our eyesight, which does not work in the dark and in sleep, should not be dulled and replaced. so that other senses are not strengthened Our brain creates dreams that activate the visual cortex even while we sleep. How you dream is entirely up to your imagination.

Why do we dream?


There are many different theories put forward in response to the question of why we dream. According to one of them, the purpose of our dreaming is to remember. positive or negative events during the day By visualizing it in our dreams, our brain records these memories and information as data that we should never forget.

For many therapists, dreams are a way of confronting our emotional traumas. during sleep because our brain is on a much more emotional level It allows us to encounter emotions that we do not face when we are conscious, or that we are afraid to face, during the dream.

More about dreams There are also theories that approach it from a mystical point of view. There are also those who think that dreams are divine messages or that muses visit us during dreams. Of course, these theories have no scientific basis. However, it is quite normal for us to encounter such unusual things during dreams, since our brain is at another level of consciousness.

What are the conditions that affect dreams?


Although it may seem like a simple expression of our subconscious, there are actually many different factors that affect dreams. The most important of these is mental and physical health. For example, if you sleep with a sore foot What can happen to your feet in your dreams? If you sleep in a bad mood, you may even find yourself in a war.

Your diet and exercise regimen are also factors that affect dreams. People who exercise regularly sleep much healthier. and therefore they do not have intense dreams. When you eat and sleep at night or go to sleep hungry, remember what you saw in your dream. You can sleep thirsty and see yourself among the rivers.