Oreo Builds Doomsday Vault for His Biscuits

Popular biscuit maker Oreo built an apocalyptic vault near the North Pole to protect its iconic biscuits from possible asteroid impact. In addition to Oreo biscuits, there is a recipe for milk powder and biscuits in the warehouse.

In these days when the world is drifting towards an irreversible climate change and a global pandemic has broken out, advertising tactics does not work as well as before. Companies now need to run their ads on social media. Being aware of this situation, Oreo is also an ingenious advertisement idea to protect its biscuits even against asteroid impact. Apocalypse warehouse built.

Consisting of two biscuits with a sweet cream filling in between Oreois extremely popular all over the world. To increase this popularity, the company said that more than 930 thousand seeds from around the world are stored in the Arctic. From Global Seed Repository inspired and built his own Global Oreo Repository.

Oreo says the warehouse in Norway will protect the biscuits from possible asteroid impact:

In the past months about the Global Oreo Repository a advertising film Oreo, which also publishes the warehouse biscuits and the recipe, made the closest pass to Earth on Monday and had the risk of hitting our planet. 2018 VP1 He says he built it to protect it from the asteroid.

Just like the Global Seed Warehouse, Oreo’s warehouse is located between Norway and the North Pole, the northernmost point to which commercial airlines fly. Svalbard to the archipelago was placed. Inside the warehouse Oreo to biscuits in addition milk dust and of biscuits recipe has. The materials in the warehouse are covered with mylar film to resist extreme weather, moisture and weather.


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The biscuit maker says the tasty snacks will stay in the safe “until the asteroid threat is over.” The company also shared the coordinates of the Oreo repository for the worst case scenario. 78 ° 08’58.1 N, 16 ° 01’59.7 ″ E coordinates, the store is not far from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

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