OSPO Alliance: Non-profit open source organizations join forces

Four of the leading non-profit open source organizations have joined forces with other partners to form the OSPO Alliance, OSPO stands for Open Source Program Office. As part of this alliance, OW2, the Eclipse Foundation, the OpenForum Europe and the Foundation for Public Code want to improve the visibility of the topic of Open Source in Europe and advocate a structured and professional management of Open Source projects by companies and administrations.

According to the announcement, the alliance would like to give companies realizable recommendations for dealing with open source software and provide access to suitable solutions. The prerequisite, however, is the willingness to deal professionally with the aspects of use, participation and publication. To this end, the new alliance is intended to introduce companies to the topic of open source so that they can ultimately set up their own open source program office. The role of these OSPOs is essential, especially in non-technological areas such as education and public administration.

Based on the OW2 Good Governance Initiative The OSPO Alliance is also building a website with the necessary information for companies, public institutions and research and educational institutions. The OSPO zone is intended to be the first point of contact for OSPOs and supporting community organizations.

The still young alliance offers interested members various options to get involved. For the establishment of its own, company-wide open source guidelines, the organization recommends following the guidelines of the OW Good Governance Initiative and setting up your own OSPOs. Companies that have already established a corresponding program are called upon to contribute case studies on the best practices, which the new organization can then make available to all interested parties via the OSPO.Zone.

The initiators will gradually get more information about the alliance, its goals and the possibilities for participation make available on the platform.


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