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There is software that we don’t use just because no one has told us about it. That is why the Uplink team grabbed tools from the short tests in c’t and discussed why the creative helpers Canva, ClipDrop and Procreate for MacOS help to get the invitation card faster, accelerate the clipping of screenshots and make drawing easier on the iPad. The performance monitor shows whether the MacBook still has resources free Sensei with pretty diagrams.

Those who prefer to program creatively should use Microsoft’s free development environment Visual Studio Code know, a completely different program than “Visual Studio” (without “code”). The IDE’s plug-in manager not only allows syntax highlighting and refactoring support to be installed for every conceivable programming language, but also PlatformIO. PlatformIO allows to program microcontrollers like the Arduino or the ESP8266. Thanks to Visual Studio Code as a powerful editor in the background, C programming with PlatformIO is much more fun than with the cumbersome one Arduino IDE.

Also runs on all desktop operating systems Discord, a tool to virtually bring people together. Whether text chat, phone call, video conference or multiple live streams: With Discord, people can communicate without having to get up from their desk chair. There is even one Heise channel in Discordwhere you can discuss with us directly. Discord is finely configurable and still relatively easy to use thanks to a central server and a uniform client. Discord also uses the central structure to let advertisers read along.

The weekly c’t podcast c’t uplink is available …

Kim Sartorius, Pina Merkert and Michael Wieczorek will discuss whether forced openness to the advertising industry is a good idea, where the tools shine and where they are too expensive.

The c’t 15/2021 is available at the kiosk, in Browser and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

By the way: our new one YouTube-Channel c’t 3003 is now available for subscription: In the current episode Johannes Börnsen shows how easily Apple’s Air Tags can be misused for stalking.

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