Our Real Identity Is The Same As Our Online Identity


A study has revealed that there is a connection between the amount of aggression in the internet environment and the amount of aggression in normal life, and the common point of both is status anxiety. This indicates that an aggressive person you see on the internet is also aggressive in his normal life, and that someone who does not participate in discussions is also quiet in his normal life.

Even if you are not involved in the internet environment, you may have seen that heated debates, curses and insults are flying in the air many times. Normally, the aggressive people in these discussions are not as aggressive in their normal lives as they are in these discussions. thanks to the possibility of distance and anonymity they were thought to be so comfortable.

Now a study has in online discussions that people who are aggressive are also aggressive in their normal lives. revealed. In this context, the internet does not offer them a free space to be themselves; he just hands them a megaphone so they can express themselves better.

Anyone can see the high-pressure discussions on the Internet, but not everyone can see it offline:


American Political Science Review published by in the study behavioral methods and questionnaires were used. Having different social structures in every way America and Denmark Why people compare online environment to offline interaction more hostile The aim was to find what you saw.

People who get along quite well in face-to-face interaction get dirty online. there is a reverse effect Researchers opposed to the supporting hypothesis, the reflection of the behavior in the online environment of the person in normal life claimed it was. In this context, it turned out that people who are quiet in their normal lives are not very interested in political discussions in the online environment.

Alexander Bor

Aarhus University Mind Alexander BorHe said there are multiple triggers to get angry online. In this context, the person discussed not seeing your face and fast paced communication stated that it could lead to misunderstandings.

According to the charts shared by Bor, the level of aggression online and offline more or less the same progressing at a rate.

Michael Bang Petersen

from the same university Michael Bang Petersen On the other hand, the reason why the internet world is seen so hostile is that the discussions in question to the visibility tying. In this context, Petersen argues that although people are not personally targeted online or offline, the internet public structure He says that thanks to this, he can easily see those who disturb other people.


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As a result, Petersen says that everyone can see the troll made by only 1 person online, but because it will not be as visible in the offline environment, people see the internet as hostile. Anyone can see it when on the Internet, in normal life it’s probably just several.

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