Outdoor pool at home: the best gadgets for the pool

Filter systems, thermometers and water test devices are part of every reasonable pool. Techstage shows useful gadgets and accessories for your own swimming pool in the garden.

It is still unknown whether and how outdoor pools will open this summer. In addition, strict distance rules must be observed on lakes. And as if Corona was not enough, various authorities, such as the German Weather Service and the American NOAA, are warning of a hot summer 2020. So it makes sense to cool off in your own garden.

Inexpensive giant paddling pools or above-ground pools help. If you want to enjoy your own pool as long as possible, you have to take care of it. More on this in the article Budget pool instead of biotope: So the pool stays clean for a long time.

But in addition to a reasonable filter system, there are numerous other more or less practical gadgets. We give an overview.

For optimal water quality, chemicals are required in addition to cartridge filters or sand filter systems. These are usually added to the water in tablet form. Some of the funds are so aggressive that they attack the sensitive floors of the above-ground pools. So-called chemical potash floats made of plastic, which float on the water surface and release the agents evenly in the water, provide a remedy. UV lamps for the sand filter are a gadget for better water quality without chemicals. This helps against the growth of bacteria and algae.


If you want to read the pH value, chlorine content and the temperature of the pool on your smartphone, you have to dig deep into your pocket.

Simple test strips or electronic pool water testers are suitable for checking the water quality. 50 test strips for the pH value are available from around 10 euros. Electronic water testers cost about ten times as much. In addition to greater convenience, the devices also offer several different test values. If you want to conveniently read the test values ​​on your smartphone, you can expect to pay over 400 euros. The Ondilo ICO measures, for example, pH value, ORP / redox value, conductivity and pool temperature and sends this data to the app via Bluetooth or WLAN.

For purely temperature monitoring, there are practical radio thermometers with a base station in addition to inexpensive swimming thermometers. The cheapest temperature indicators are available from around 5 euros. The convenient radio variant is available from around 18 euros.

If you call a medium-sized swimming pool your own instead of a small front garden pool, you should consider buying a pool robot in the medium term. The semi or fully automatic robots help with the daily cleaning of large areas and provide radiant pool floors and walls. The degree of automation depends heavily on the price. While simple floor vacuum models are available from less than 100 euros, powerful devices for wall and floor cleaning quickly cost 1000 euros and more.

If the water temperature, which is dependent on the ambient temperature, is too low, you need pool heating. Heating systems with a power connection help to raise the temperature in a targeted and permanent manner. However, the electric heaters are expensive and require an extremely large amount of electricity.

Solar heaters are more environmentally friendly, albeit less effective. These heat the pool water through solar energy. The so-called solar tarpaulins promise a similar effect. Experience has shown that their heating output is hardly noticeable. The solar tarpaulins also do not help against dirt. If you want to keep leaves and insects out of the pool, you need a sensible tarpaulin.

In addition to the pool, the right swimming pool ambience also needs some atmosphere. Bluetooth speakers with water resistance from IPX7 are suitable here. Cheap models like the Go-2 series from JBL are available from under 30 euros. Our article shows what the small boxes do in practice 11 outdoor speakers with Bluetooth compared .

Floating LED lamps on the pool create an atmospheric holiday atmosphere in your own garden in the evenings. The waterproof lamps work with a battery and a mini solar panel and switch on as soon as it gets dark. However, the pool must not be covered so that the lamps come into play.

So that the sensitive pools are not damaged by pebbles or the like, it is worth buying foam floor mats. Another positive side effect of the mats or tarpaulins: The pool floor remains clean, which makes cleaning much easier at the end of the season. If there is any damage, the pool does not have to be put in the trash. Experience has shown that small cracks or holes can easily be repaired with appropriate repair kits.

If you have not yet decided on your own pool, you should first think about the budget in advance. It is cheapest to start with pools with an air-filled side wall. However, the pools are particularly sensitive and only moderately easy to clean. If you have the space, you should therefore opt for an above-ground pool with straight side parts. The article helps you choose the best filter system Budget pool instead of biotope: So the pool stays clean for a long time.

A pool is only fun if the water quality is right.

A private pool in the garden does not replace an outdoor pool, but with the right gadgets it offers a lot of fun and a pleasant cool down. So that neither the joy of the pool nor the water get cloudy, maintenance and monitoring are required. Here is our recommendation: replace the weak cartridge filter included in the sets with a sand filter. More on this in the article Budget pool instead of biotope: So the pool stays clean for a long time. If you want to take pictures with the camera in the pool, you should read our article Filming and taking pictures under water look at.

Our guide promises refreshment without a pool Cool the terrace and balcony with a spray mist. If a stable and fast WiFi in the sun chair is more important than cooling, we recommend the article Faster WiFi in the garden: outdoor repeaters & co.

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