Pakistan Lifts TikTok Ban After 10 Days

Pakistan, which banned TikTok on October 9 on the grounds that the videos shared on the platform were “immoral and inappropriate”, announced that the ban on the app was lifted. In the statement made, it was reported that if TikTok does not fulfill its promises, there will be another ban in the future.

The video sharing platform that was blocked in India last June due to tensions between China and India and is also closely followed by the United States TikTok, Finally It was banned in Pakistan. The reason for the blocking is that the videos shared on the platform “immoral and inappropriate” they were shown to be.

10 days after the app was banned nationwide, Pakistan, on TikTok the ban was lifted explained. In a statement made by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), TikTok told them that the videos will be managed “according to social norms and Pakistani laws”. guaranteed specified.

TikTok has not taken action on many content that Pakistan has requested banning in the past:


TikTok has not fully responded to Pakistan’s requests for restrictions on accounts and videos in the past. At this point, the company’s latest transparency report is that TikTok’s Pakistan government asked for content to be restricted. Only two out of 40 accounts showed that it is trading on.

According to analyst firm Sensor Tower, Pakistan has a total 43 million TikTok’s largest in terms of installation and app installs 12th market. However, the country is the third country with the highest number of videos removed in the first half of 2020, when more than 6.4 million videos were shot. These videos have been removed from the platform for violating TikTok’s content standards.

TikTok is still banned in India, one of its largest markets, and the application-oriented ban threats continues. Although possible future restrictions will seriously affect the growth of TikTok, the app remains popular for the time being.


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Pakistan, on the other hand, is ‘for now’ In case the company fails to fulfill the guarantees given, even though it has been removed can be prevented again in the future says. We will see together whether Pakistan will ban the practice again in the future.

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