Pamukkale Tourism Reacts to Passengers Asking for Vaccination


Pamukkale Tourism reacted when it started to apply the vaccination requirement for citizens over 65 who want to travel with the company’s buses. While many people described this decision of the company as discrimination, a statement came from the company.

Providing intercity passenger transportation services Pamukkale Tourismannounced that our citizens who have been vaccinated can travel without showing a travel permit, while those who have not been vaccinated have to travel by showing their travel permits.

The statement made by the company on social media reactions drew on it. Many people stated that this practice is illegal. Twitter users shared their reactions with the opened #HaddiniBilPamukkaleTurizm tag.

Pamukkale Tourism made a statement

Pamukkale description

Withdrawing the decision before it is put into practice Pamukkale Tourismmade a statement on the subject. In the statement from the company, it was stated that the regulation information they received was in this way and a decision was taken accordingly.


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Pamukkale Turizm stated that they contacted the authorities upon the reactions from the citizens on social media and after receiving information about the latest situation. they removed the rule stated. The firm also stated that they do not discriminate in any way between their passengers.

While some Twitter users were against the company, others supported it. And of course, there were users who made the situation humor. From social media Some of the reactions are as follows:


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