Parallels for Business: All Windows applications run on the Chromebook


Corporate users can now use their Windows applications on the Chromebook: Parallels has announced the general availability of its virtualization software for enterprise devices with Google’s operating system.

The provider particularly emphasizes that Microsoft’s Office suite would also run on the Chromebook – companies can just as easily set up any third-party applications or programs they have developed themselves. These run completely locally, a constant internet connection is not a requirement. However, many Google applications such as Docs can also be prepared for offline use.

Furthermore, the Windows applications use the same Chrome clipboard. Parallels Desktop also automatically synchronizes local files, so the user does not have to maintain two profiles for his Chromebook and virtualized Windows. If the latter is to access a cloud folder such as Google Drive, the user must first enable it.

Furthermore, any Windows programs can be set as standard applications under Chrome OS via “Open with”. Printers from Chrome OS are also available in the virtualized environment. If there is only a driver for Windows 10 for a printer, the user must install it separately. As announced, this is the regular desktop software and not a stripped-down app version or cloud variant.

Parallels advertises that the Windows environment is easy to set up. The Chromebook downloads the prepared operating system image from the in-house IT department, which is automatically adapted to the performance of the device. The virtual Windows also joins a domain like a regular client, receives group policies and can be managed with Microsoft and Google Admin tools.

A list of the supported Chromebooks can be found on the Parallels website. The software works only with Intel devices. Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise costs $ 69.99 per user per year. A one-month free version is available for testing purposes.

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