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In addition to the connection of various parcel service providers, ParcelLock also offers the option of local direct delivery by stationary dealers, llocal delivery services and for other businesses in the sense of a 24/7 handover function on site. With this pilot project, the city of Winsen (Luhe) wants to actively support local trade in particular as part of economic development. As the operator on site, Stadtwerke Winsen (Luhe) is responsible for the operational support of the parcel stations on site as well as the contracts with local retailers.

Parcel stations: City of Winsen relies on the ParcelLock system

Gunnar Anger, Managing Director of ParcelLock GmbH based in Hamburg, explains: “We are delighted that Winsen (Luhe) is relying on our supplier-open system. Cities and municipalities in particular have to create structural prerequisites in order to achieve this Counter the online boomTo achieve climate protection goals and at the same time to support stationary trade and delivery services and thus also the revitalization of inner cities. ”The Lower Saxony municipality is one of the first in Lower Saxony to break new ground with the ParcelLock system (Hamburg Box), which has been successful in Hamburg Establishment of a comprehensive, versatile IT / technology solution in the field of parcel logistics of the last mile, also for local retailers.

“We were particularly impressed by the multifunctionality of the ParcelLock system. Thanks to the open system, we contribute to bundling parcel volumes and better quality of life through synergies, save resources and support retail with the direct posting function, the use of the parcel stations as a transfer point and the Linking online and offline activities with this free 24/7 consumer service. Even larger companies can equip their technicians 24/7 through a connection to the parcel stations and thus work much more efficiently ”, says Mayor André Wiese from Winsen (Luhe) about the extensive usage options.

Stationary dealers can deliver orders directly

The two public parcel stations of the 35,000 inhabitant community are located at the two hotspots of the city, the Bahnhofsplatz 2, 21423 Winsen (Luhe), which is heavily frequented by commuters to Hamburg / Lüneburg, and the just as easily accessible Eckermannstr. 1, 21423 Winsen, Germany. With these two inner-city points, the stationary retailers have very good opportunities for the numerous commuters in Winsen (Luhe) to deliver orders directly during the week and have them picked up by the citizens of Winsen 24/7 even after business hours .

Parcel stations
The parcel station Winsen Depot offers citizens, dealers and traders added value. (Image: ParcelLock)

The parcel stations with the ParcelLock system are also a ray of hope for Markus Trettin, from the city marketing and economic development department in Winsen (Luhe). “In the last year in particular, we have all become particularly aware of the importance and the dilemma of a stationary retail presence and the need to build bridges for online and offline solutions. Inner cities cannot do without that certain flair of a stroll through town, visits to cafés and the like. At the same time, however, consumers place special demands on today’s mobility and flexibility – around the clock. With this in mind, we are particularly pleased to be able to offer citizens, retailers and traders this multifunctional solution from the Winsen Depot parcel station ”.

The ParcelLock GmbH With its software solution for the last mile, it offers parcel service providers as well as local dealers and delivery services contact-free delivery options in parcel stations – in contrast to the stand-alone solutions from competitors. ParcelLock GmbH was founded in 2016 by the parcel service providers DPD, GLS and Hermes. The provider-open system for parcel boxes and systems is open to all parcel service providers and couriers. (sg)

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