Patent dispute with Google: Sonos achieves another stage win at US authorities

The loudspeaker specialist Sonos has achieved a stage win in its patent dispute with Google. A judge from the US trade authority ITC came to the conclusion that the Internet company infringed five of the hi-fi company’s patents. The ITC can prohibit the importation of goods into the USA in the event of patent infringements.

The judge’s preliminary decision published on Friday is still to be examined by the entire commission. The deadline for a decision is December 13th.

In the lawsuit filed at the beginning of 2020, Sonos has various Google devices such as Smartphones from the Pixel brand and networked speakers from the Nest brand in its sights. The patents are about technologies for synchronizing audio playback, volume control and WLAN connection. Since most of the devices are manufactured in Asia, a ban on imports by the ITC would stop sales of the technology in the USA.

While Sonos welcomed the judge’s conclusions, Google holds against it. “We do not use Sonos technology,” said a Google spokesman for the financial service Bloomberg.

Sonos extended the patent dispute to other countries and obtained an injunction against the sale of some Google devices in Germany. The Internet company appealed against it.

In the ITS proceedings, Google had emphasized that the group had technologies with which the patents named by Sonos would not be infringed and that the judges had asked for an assessment. At the same time, Google filed a counterclaim in the USA, also alleging patent infringements.

Sonos is a pioneer in connected speakers and specializes in sound systems for different rooms in a home.


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