Pavillon meets Heise on Thursday: A glimpse into the future – what does science fiction tell us?


Also this year, experts and heise editors will join the network talk in the socio-cultural center pavilion in Hanover. Until today, Thursday, August 29, they will discuss with the public the privacy and digitization of organic farming. There will also be a sc-fi reading. Admission to all events is free.

After the series "Pavilion meets Heise"On Tuesday started with a discussion on the General Data Protection Regulation and we discuss the opportunities and risks of digitization for agriculture on Wednesday, we have a broad view ahead on Thursday.

On Thursday evening, starting at 18:30, there will be performances of the future: together with the c't and heise online, the Hinstorff publishing house has broken into new worlds. With its program area science fiction, the publishing house takes you into the world of tomorrow. "The authors of the book series heise online: Worlds and The c't Stories continue to consistently think our world and cast a visionary look at the effects of digital techniques and artificial intelligence." The moving, captivating narratives and novels are the best in entertainment Horizons expanding, "says Eva Maria Buchholz, director of the Hinstorff publishing house.

heise online and c't throw a look into the future with two sci-fi book series in the Hinstorff publishing house. With the series "heise online: Welten" and the "c't Stories" we also want to sharpen our view of how digitization is changing the world.

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Together with the two publishers Jürgen Rink, editor-in-chief c't, and Jürgen Kuri, deputy editor-in-chief heise online, she leads from 18:30 through the sci-fi evening: This begins with a discussion of the role of science fiction ever play can, as well as short stories about the morning, read by c't editor Ulrich Hilgefort and Isabel Grünewald, the voice of the heise online news format "brief informed".

This will be followed by a reading from 7:30 pm from the novel "The Last Crew of the Wandering Star" with author and robotics expert Hans-Arthur Marsiske. Finally, all this can be discussed further.


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