Paypal “Pay Later” – The advantages of the extended payment option


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Source: PayPal

PayPal recently introduced the new payment option “Payment after 30 days”, expanding its “Pay later” offer in Germany. The new service will be visible to customers in the PayPal account in the coming weeks.

When shopping online, consumers can “pay after 30 days” – for purchases of up to 1,000 euros – in their PayPal-Select account. With the new option, customers have even more options to pay flexibly with PayPal – without any additional costs.

Transparent overview and automatic debiting: All advantages at a glance

The new payment option offers PayPal customers a smooth and secure shopping experience: the amount is automatically debited after 30 days by direct debit, so customers no longer have to make a bank transfer. The due date and the outstanding amount can be viewed clearly and transparently in the PayPal account at any time, and PayPal will inform you of pending debits by e-mail. In this way, customers can be sure that they will not miss any payment deadlines. There is also the possibility at any time to pay the entire amount before the 30 days have expired. In addition, PayPal generally does not charge any late fees for all “Pay Later” offers worldwide. The PayPal buyer protection applies as usual.

PayPal combines the advantages of the most popular payment methods

“With the introduction of ‘Payment after 30 days’, we want to provide our customers with another simple, flexible and secure solution for online shopping. We see ourselves as a partner to our customers and support responsible purchasing behavior. For us, this includes offering customers transparency and an overview of outstanding payments, as well as carrying out credit checks for all ‘Pay Later’ transactions and waiving late fees worldwide. For us, the focus is on long-term customer satisfaction across our entire product range,” says Jörg Kablitz, Managing Director PayPal Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

paypal pay later, Jörg Kablitz
Joerg Kablitz. Image: PayPal

The new PayPal service also combines the advantages of the two most popular payment methods in Germany when shopping online: PayPal and purchase on account. Payment with PayPal is simple and secure. When purchasing on account, buyers can inspect and check the goods upon receipt before payment is due. “Payment after 30 days” thus combines the advantages of both options and offers customers even more flexibility and convenience.

New PayPal service “Pay later”: Paying after 30 days is that easy

Thanks to the expanded “Pay later” offer, online shoppers have even more flexible payment options than before in their PayPal account. PayPal customers make their online purchases as usual and can easily pay by clicking on “Payment with PayPal” in the payment process.After logging into the PayPal account, customers can then select “Payment after 30 days” and complete the purchase – subject to a positive credit check. This is possible up to a shopping cart value of 1,000 euros. The “payment after 30 days” is then made automatically by direct debit, no bank transfer is necessary. In addition, customers will soon be able to change the due date – before the 30 days are up – for a small fee1to be moved once.

1Up to a shopping cart value of 20 euros, no fee is due. The fee to be paid will be displayed to the customer before he/she makes a binding selection for the extension.

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