PC Games Viewed While Playing on Xbox [Video]


Thanks to the streaming services, Xbox users will soon be able to try computer games on consoles. It will even be possible for them to use keyboard and mouse while playing these games.

That makes it possible to play games from a distance stream platformlarının number more and more. The main purpose of these platforms is to enable the games on a remote computer to be played over the internet connection.

Microsoft’s new Chromium tabanlı Edge browser recently Xbox With this browser, an important stage for playing Steam games on Xbox will be left behind. There will also be support for keyboard and mouse use with the scanner.

Keyboard and mouse enjoyment on the console


People in the Xbox test community called Alpha Skip-Ahead can now access the new Edge version and enjoy the game with the keyboard-mouse duo. One of the users who tested at the weekend, Steam games He captured the moments he played on Xbox on camera.

As a result, the user who stated that he encountered bugs from time to time because the browser is still in beta stage, and when we look generally, it is possible to write text using Word, send messages on Discord, and even Krunken and Quake JS as he manages to play the games using the keyboard and mouse on the console. He points out that the basic mouse speed and buttons are also fine.

Right now Google Stadia games can also be played on Xbox through the browser. The main striking point here is that the games in the Steam library can also be played on the Xbox with the remote connection method.

The future of games is slowly taking shape

Via console Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Death Stranding, DOTA 2 The user who has tried games such as those that cannot be played on the console yet, to achieve this goal Parsec used a program called. This system technically became a remote access platform.

Of course, this system does not provide the ideal gaming experience, as a result, the browser is in beta version and some interface problems may occur from time to time. for example when you click somewhere virtual keyboard can appear on the screen suddenly. We will have to wait a little longer until Xbox Cloud Gaming arrives, which will allow you to play computer games on Xbox in the future.

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