PC market is growing in all areas in 2020, especially Chromebooks


Last year, sales of computers and tablets in all areas rose to the highest level since 2015. Chromebooks with the Google operating system are seeing the greatest growth. But tablets are also in greater demand again.

According to the results of market researchers from Canalys were A total of 458.2 million computers and tablets sold in 2020. This corresponds to an increase of 17 percent compared to the previous year. Lenovo remains the market leader, but Apple is catching up with strong iPad sales. HP, Dell and Samsung follow behind and all were able to grow in double digits in the fourth quarter. Samsung recorded the largest increase for the entire last year with 48 percent more computers and tablets sold than in 2019.

The market for tablets has been in a downward trend since 2015, which was only temporarily interrupted by the annual Christmas business. Last year, however, tablet sales rose steadily after reaching a low point in the first quarter. In the fourth quarter, an all-time high was even reached with an increase of 54 percent compared to the previous year and 52.8 million tablets sold.

Apple remains the market leader for tablets by a long way ahead of Samsung. Lenovo can grow the most in this area, but is still behind Amazon. Huawei had to take into account the US sanctions, especially in the fourth quarter and in terms of smartphone market shares, and sold 24 percent fewer tablets than in the previous year.

Chromebooks continued the third-quarter trend towards the end of 2020. As in autumn, the mostly cheaper notebooks with Google’s Chrome OS operating system achieved a market share of around 12 percent for all PCs and notebooks sold in the fourth quarter. Chromebook sales in the fourth quarter rose 287 percent year-over-year to 11.2 million devices. With a total of 30.7 million units, more than twice as many Chromebooks were sold in the entire last year as in 2019.

The biggest beneficiary of the Chromebook boom is market leader HP, which sold 83 percent more devices last year than in 2019. However, the competition is catching up a lot. Lenovo was able to sell 287 percent more Chromebooks year-on-year and Samsung even increased itself by 400 percent in this area in 2020.

The demand for cheap notebooks is particularly high due to the coronavirus pandemic. Schools and parents are running out of millions of homeschooling devices and are taking almost anything they can get.


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