Pepsi Announces When It Will Take Delivery Of Tesla Trucks

A statement came from Pepsi about Tesla’s electric trucks. The company, which placed an order as soon as the trucks were introduced, has been waiting for the trucks to be delivered for about 4 years. The latest statements indicate that the trucks will soon line up at Pepsi’s door.

Tesla, which made a lot of noise in 2017 Tesla Semi Truck introduced its electric trucks. The project, which met with great interest at that time, also managed to receive a lot of orders in a short time. Pepsi was one of the companies that wanted to buy Tesla’s electric trucks and add them to its fleet. Pepsi, which has many sub-brands and a very wide logistics network, had placed an order for 100 units for Tesla Semi.

After receiving the order, Tesla announced that it plans to deliver the trucks in 2020. But of course, this plan did not work, Tesla Semi deliveries delayed several times. Although it is not surprising at a time when the automotive industry is shaken by a huge agenda such as the chip crisis, Tesla finally offered these justifications and announced Semi deliveries. postponed to 2022 had announced.

Pepsi marked the end of this year:

Tesla semi truck

Although expectations fell again after Tesla’s ‘2022’ announcement, a statement from the Pepsi front changed things. PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta said in a new statement. company policies for carbon emissions and mentioned that they have taken important steps in this regard.

Laguarta emphasized that one of the most important steps in this direction is to switch to electric cars.We have already started to buy electric trucks from Tesla. I don’t want to advertise to anyone, but the brand we’ve been working with from the very beginning is Tesla. Our first orders It will be delivered in the 4th quarter.” he stated.


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With this step, Pepsi aims to find a solution to a problem that accounts for 10% of the company’s carbon emissions and to reduce the amount of emissions. However, on the subjectThere is no statement from esla yet. We will see together whether the company, which postponed the delivery until 2022 last summer, will really deliver it to Pepsi from its electric trucks until the end of this year.

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