Performance update via adapter: Tesla defends itself against hackers using add-ons

Tesla charges 2,000 euros for an update of the performance of the Model 3 Dual Motor – while an adapter from Ingenext enables the performance boost for 1,000 euros. Tesla does nothing against the hack, but points this out to the users of the tool.

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For several years now, Tesla has been offering options for its vehicles that can be activated for a surcharge via software updates, starting with an upgrade of the battery capacity for the Model S from 60 to 75 kW to the current Acceleration eBoost for the Model 3, which has around 50 PS releases more and improves acceleration.

The device of the Canadian company Ingenext is connected to the Tesla’s computer, the increase in performance and some other functions are activated. This includes the so-called drift mode, in which the electronic stability program (ESP) is switched off, among other things.

If Tesla detects the hack, an incompatible vehicle modification has recently been shown on the display. Tesla warns of a potential risk of damage or shutdown.

Ingenext informed the Blog Electrek with, an update is being worked on so that Tesla can no longer recognize the modification.

Interest in such hacking solutions could increase in the future because, for example, Porsche also offers subscription functions in the Taycan for an extra charge. Active lane guidance, for example, keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane through continuous steering interventions. Innodrive automatically adjusts the speed to speed limits, curves, roundabouts, give-way and stop signs. Both functions cost 19.50 euros per month or 808.10 euros each as a purchase option.

The Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM) acts in the background when route guidance is activated and optimizes all system parameters for the shortest travel time with maximum comfort. For this you have to pay 10.72 euros per month or 398.69 euros once. The power steering plus works depending on the speed. This function is not available as a monthly subscription, but only once for 320.71 euros.

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