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The digital vaccination card has been approved by the EU Parliament. Nevertheless, every state is now cooking its own soup. And in Germany this “Green Pass” will therefore also be blue instead of green. Holger Bleich explains to us what the app vaccination card can do – and what it can’t.

There are almost as many solutions for school IT as there are schools. Dorothee Wiegand knows what has become of the 5 billion euros of the first digital pact, what problems arise from this patchwork quilt for everyday school life and why Bayern is abolishing Microsoft teams in schools.

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We discuss with Christian Wölbert what these “fax machines” actually are, which are always cited as an example in connection with public administration. He looked at the Online Access Act and compared how German digitization projects compare internationally.

Also present: Holger Bleich, Johannes Börnsen, Dorothee Wiegand, Christian Wölbert.

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