Personalize B2B customer relationships in 5 steps – eCommerce Magazin

The strategic planning of a comprehensive customer journey should include these touchpoints. CX teams should take into account that the course of the customer journey also depends on the device used: A small screen on a mobile device, for example, requires more compact content and a shorter route to the most important service offers than the customer journey on a desktop PC .

Customer journey: looking to the future

Personalizing the customer journey not only helps companies meet customer needs, it also paves the way for a future that will offer new elements and tools for that journey.

Customer Journey Macaw
Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at Macaw. (Image: Macaw)

“Even today there are voice-controlled offers and intelligent shopping bots. These options will only increase. AI will be increasingly able to recognize moods and communicate with customers in natural language. No company that focuses on the customer can afford to do without personalization – also with a view to their own future, ”explains Carsten Dalquen, Account Director Digital at Macaw.
The digital service provider Macaw supports companies with solutions and services in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce, data and AI, cloud and integrated business applications. Preferably software solutions from Microsoft and Sitecore are used. (sg)

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