PewDiePie Accidentally Showing E-Mail Address: I'm Very Stupid

Felix Kjellberg, the world's most subscribed YouTuber, or PewDiePie, by name, accidentally showed his personal email address during a live broadcast. Kjellberg, who made a new video about the incident, said that he "made a stupid mistake."

With 104 million subscribers, YouTube's most subscribed content producer Felix Kjellbergalias PewDiePieis on the agenda with an interesting event. Swedish phenomenon, YouTuber the cinnamontoastk During a live broadcast with him Activision While making changes to his account, he showed his personal email address on the screen.

When PewDiePie noticed that his email address was reflected in the camera, the job was laid off. Moreover, Swedish YouTuber, who accidentally showed the alternative e-mail address that he used shortly after, became the ridicule of social media.


PewDiePie will have to use a different email as a result of the email address being exposed. This is not the end of the world, but as the Swedish phenomenon has stated in the live broadcast, it will take some overtime to inform all colleagues and business partners about the new mail address.

Who made a new video about his misfortune PewDiePiedid not hesitate to make fun of her about showing her email address twice, not once. “Yes, perhaps this live streaming business was not a very good idea. I'm really stupid ” The famous YouTuber says, "It happened, there is nothing to do." PewDiePie's video "Leaking My Email Address", until now From 4.6 million has received a lot of views.

Felix Kjellberg


YouTube Gaming Signed Broadcast Agreement with PewDiePie

He said that he will focus on live broadcasts in 2020 and after. PewDiePie, in the past weeks YouTube Gaming had signed a publisher agreement with. The Swedish content producer, who will make exclusive broadcasts to YouTube Gaming from now on, stated that new surprises are at the door. Other names that YouTube Gaming has contracted include CouRage, Typical Gamer and Valkyrae.

PewDiePie's video about showing his email address

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