Philips sued Fitbit for patent infringement


According to Philips, Fitbit has violated four of its patents with its activity trackers. As a result, the US division of the Dutch Philips Health Care filed a lawsuit in late July in Boston, Massachusetts.

The infringing patents, according to Philips, involve techniques that cover GPS and audio training. Others describe the connection between wearables and online offerings as well as security mechanisms in the transfer of personal data. US Patent Numbers are 6,013,007, 7,088,233, 8,277,377 and 6,976,958. What exactly Philips complains, was not communicated.

The patents issue is directly related to Philips' Actiwatch wearables, which compete directly with Fitbit fitness giants and other companies. Philips has licensed its patented technology to many healthcare companies and now claims to have offered such rights to Fitbit as well. But Fitbit never responded and did not respond to complaints of misuse.

Complaints about alleged or actual patent infringements are no less common in wearables than in smartphones. Three years ago, Jawbone (no longer on the market) and Fitbit were in dispute and were suing each other. In turn, in early February, a patent court in the UK ruled in a dispute between Garmin and Philips that some of the patents held by Philips could not have a protective effect at the time of filing, as these developments were already evident.


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