Phone with Inflated Battery Exploded Like a Bomb in Technical Service


The mobile phone, which was brought to a technical service in the Zara district of Sivas with a battery complaint, exploded when it was placed in the heater device to open the back cover. While the technical service owner managed to extinguish the battery, no one was injured in the incident.

As you may remember, even though we haven’t heard it very often recently, news of the explosion of smartphone batteries was very common for a while. which may cause great dangers to both human health and the device. The most recent example of this event took place in Sivas. However, in this example, the device exploded not by itself, but while it was being processed by the technical service.

A person in Sivas brought his mobile phone to the technical service for repair due to the swelling of the battery. The technician, who worked at the service, said that he put the phone in the heater device so that the back cover could be removed. The phone exploded after waiting in the heating device for a while. Phone repair done technician picking it up from the bench and throwing it on the floor Waited for the battery to go out. While no one was injured in the incident, the phone became unusable.

Phone exploded in heating device

Yasin Kaya, the owner of the technical service located on Reşitpaşa Street in the Zara district of Sivas, described the incident as follows:Our device came with a battery complaint, its battery was swollen. We had to put it in the heater to remove the back cover, I put the device in the heater while waiting. suddenly there was an explosion.


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It exploded from the heater device here while I was doing my work on the computer here. It was something I didn’t expect for a moment. At first I panicked I took the device in cold blood and threw it on the ground..”