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Hardly any other type of landscape offers as many photo opportunities as the forest. But it often seems chaotic, so that the search for suitable compositions usually requires a lot of patience. However, if you find order in the chaos, fascinating images can be created. Long-distance travel is not necessary, which is an advantage at the moment. There are forest areas in almost every region that are worth looking for motifs. I am a landscape photographer and in this article I show what I look for on the go, why a cold, wet morning offers exactly the right photo weather and how detailed photos can be taken with the right technology.

Finding suitable motifs in the forest is time-consuming. The German mixed forests in particular often appear structureless, the forest floor untidy. This makes the search for compositions difficult. The monotony of the coniferous forests doesn’t make it any easier either. There is a little more order here, but there is a lack of special trees with character. The easiest way to find a motif is in beech forests.

Beeches are trees that only allow a small amount of undergrowth. Therefore, the forest floor in beech forests looks tidy, which makes it easier to find compositions. But even there you have to work out the motives. It takes time to get to know the forest better. I return several times, whenever possible, at different times of the day and at different times of the year, and I am not afraid to go exploring on rainy days. I also keep an eye out for striking trees that stand out from the environment. They are suitable as the main motif – this creates a clear focus in the photo.

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