Photos of Ford GT’s New Design Revealed


Spy photos of the Ford GT, which will be released for the last time in 2022, have emerged. While the photos taken during the test drive revealed the changes made to the rear of the Ford GT, they strengthened the claims that the new model will be released as a much more powerful model.

Ford’s most iconic sports car to date, the GT, to say goodbye to asphalt counting the days. The last GT to be produced by the American auto giant, With the latest model to be launched in 2022 will leave us.

Ford continues to work on the Ford GT, which it is preparing to launch, and does not share any details about the new model. However, according to’s report, secret photos of the model being tested in Michigan show that the new Ford GT that you will come across with a much more powerful engine than before. It may be the first sign.

Changes to the rear could be a sign that the Ford GT has a much different engine

ford GT 2022

Among the claims made about the Ford GT to date, the new model has a beast-like power and sound at the same time. It will be powered by a 7.3-liter Godzilla V8 engine. but there was no evidence or explanation to solidify these claims.

The photos taken during the driving test of the Ford GT proved that the American automobile giant will bid farewell to the Ford GT with a much more powerful engine. Circled in red in the photo above is the engine oil cap of the GT. Even this cover, which is positioned in a different place than the old models, That a different piece of equipment lies under the hood of the Ford GT. is showing. Although the photos are blurry, the exhaust guides and pipes at the bottom of the vehicle are another proof that some changes have been made to the GT.

ford GT 2022

Despite all these details, it will be released in 2022. We also have a chance to never see the V8 engine in the Ford GT. let’s say. Perhaps Ford will bid farewell to the Ford GT with the EcoBoost V6 engine it has used so far, and it will be revealed that the changes behind the vehicle are made for something else.


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