‘Ping’ Test in CS: GO with SpaceX’s Starlink Service


As you know, Elon Musk’s satellite internet project Starlink has been put into use recently. The first feedbacks started to come from those who experienced the internet service. One channel put Starlink’s satellite internet to various tests and pinged CS: GO.

Elon Musk’s long-standing satellites launched into orbit and are eagerly awaited. Starlink project was opened to the service of users who were included in the beta program recently. Internet service with high speed and low latency The first feedback about Starlink, which promised to offer, started to come after a few days.

A YouTube channel ran several tests to measure Starlink’s performance and how well it delivered on its promises. Among these tests, watching high-definition videos, live broadcasting, simultaneously playing multiple 4K videos and Playing CS: GO There were activities where every internet user rightly expected good performance.

Performance is good, but could be better:

CS:GO ping

In the video, we see that the performance of the Starlink internet is quite good and the team that shot the video seems to be affected by the results, but at the same time. Playing 4 different 4K videos Although the person who performed the tests successfully passed the tests such as Starlink’s You could be better at pinging it states. In the test in CS: GO, it is stated that the ping is between 44 and 50.

Of course, at this point, it is worth mentioning that Starlink is still in beta and its performance will increase as the number of satellites launched into orbit increases.

The price is high for now, it has not been available in our country yet:

In order to benefit from Starlink satellite internet service, first of all, it is necessary to purchase a kit consisting of satellite and modem. The price of this kit is for now $ 499 has been determined as. After receiving the kit $ 99 per month a payment must be made.

In this way, it is possible to say that the price is not very low. In our country, it is difficult to make an estimate of the possible price since it has not yet been put into service. To Starlink to apply and to be notified when it starts to serve in your area here You need to register in the e-mail system by clicking.


SpaceX Raises Starlink’s Maximum Internet Speed ​​Target to 10 Gbps

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