Plague Inc. Best Epidemic Games in Style


The game industry is growing day by day. For this reason, it is quite easy to find games on any subject and genre in the market. Plague Inc. about the epidemic, which is one of the biggest problems of today. We have listed the style games for you.

Plague Inc. is a real-time strategy, simulation video game developed and published by UK-based independent game studio Ndemic Creations. First released as a mobile game, Plague Inc. was America’s 5th most downloaded iPhone game in 2013. The game’s maker, Ndemic Creations, released Plague Inc: Evolved for PC, Mac and Linux in February 2014, increasing awareness of the game. The aim of the game is to start a game with 1 patient. bring the world to an end by spreading the disease to all humanity.

While moving towards the goal in the game, you encounter many difficulties and pathogen You need to create your strategy to dominate the world. With its quite different story, mechanics and visuals, Plague Inc. is a must-play game. In this period when we are in touch with epidemic diseases, Plague Inc. There are many games related to the epidemic such as We have listed these games for you.

Plague Inc. epidemic games like:

  1. Infection Bio War
  2. Bio Inc.
  3. Global Outbreak
  4. Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague
  5. Trojan Inc.
  6. Nuclear Inc.

Infection Bio War where you can make your own zombie outbreak:

Bio War

  • Geli┼čtirici: Fun Games for Free
  • Point: –
  • Platform: iOS

Developed and published by Fun Games for Free, Infection Bio War is a trademark of Plague Inc. like a real-time strategy and simulation game. Infection Bio War, in the real world passing. The goal of the game is pretty close to Plague Inc.: to spread the disease. In this game where you use different pathogens to turn people into zombies and other creatures, there are easy, medium and hard. three different difficulties has level. The game includes hundreds of countries and allows you to choose one of these countries to start the disease.

Simulation game where people are sacrificed to disease: Bio Inc.

Bio Inc.

  • Developer: DryGin Studios
  • Score: 4.2
  • Platform: Android, iOS

Bio Inc. is a real-time strategy and simulation game created by Drygin Studios for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The game allows you to create your plague and work to earn points and experience. In the game, the team of doctors try to create a disease and find a cure before saving the victim. injecting into the victim’s bodyYou need to aim to improve risk factors and slow the victim’s recovery.

Somewhere familiar: Global Outbreak

Global Outbreak

  • Developer: ShortRound Games
  • Score: 4.3
  • Platform: Android, iOS

Global Outbreak is a strategy shooter developed and published by ShortRound Games. game world best mercenary outfit It tells the story of the protagonist, the boss of the Blackthorne industry. According to the story, the world was the one who turned the human population into zombie mutants. a deadly virus threatened by. Set in the real world we live in, Global Outbreak also uses your device’s GPS to show the status of the location around you for a better gaming experience. Is it familiar? ­čÖé In Global Outbreak, you can explore the world of the game, find survivors like you and rescue uninfected people.

Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague with 18 different levels:

Bio Inc - Biomedical Plague

  • Developer: DryGin Studios
  • Score: 4.1
  • Platform: iOS

Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague is a horror, real-time strategy and simulation game developed and published by DryGin Studios. The gameplay of the game is almost entirely inspired by Plague Inc. In Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague, the main task of the player is, deadly virus that turns humans into zombies to destroy the whole world by developing it. Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague offers its players 18 levels and different and challenging gameplay at each level. This addictive game also features a well-written story, stunningly high-quality visuals and Ultra HD visual details.

Regarding non-physical viruses: Trojan Inc.

Trojan Inc.

  • Developer: WalkBoy Studio
  • Score: 4
  • Platform: PC

Trojan Inc. is a real-time strategy and simulation game for Android, published by WalkBoy Studio. The game takes place in a realistic environment that includes hundreds of cities and immerses its players in an epic adventure. The main goal in this game, which does not contain any physical viruses or diseases, Creating your Trojan and stealing money from e-invoicing to spread all over the world to infect thousands of devices. Trojan Inc. offers its players an excellent gaming experience with the combination of beautiful music, graphics and controls.