Play break: Nintendo Switch is almost sold out online

Even at the beginning of the corona pandemic, Nintendo Switch had delivery problems in Japan for weeks – due to production problems in China, where most of the consoles are manufactured. Now the game console is hardly available in other countries.

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Nintendo of America has officially confirmed that the Switch is in the United States, which is also affected by exit restrictions "sold out at various retail locations" is writes Gamespot. Replenishment should arrive soon, there is no indication of dates.

The situation in Europe is somewhat different. Virtually all online retailers no longer have Nintendo Switch available – at least not at the standard price. Only occasionally there are quotas from smaller providers at very high prices, sometimes up to twice the standard price.

Only in the Media Markt online shop was the device listed as immediately available at the start of work on this item. At a second check a little later, this was no longer the case.

Word got around too quickly that the dealer was able to deliver. There are probably still many hundreds or thousands of Nintendo Switch in Germany in the stationary shops, but nobody can get it at the moment.

The Nintendo Switch is the only one of the standard consoles where there are currently supply shortages. Playstation 4 and Xbox One are immediately available at regular prices, sometimes even in a special offer. On the one hand, this should be due to the fact that many players already own the devices or are waiting for the successors announced for late 2020.

On the other hand, the Switch with Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just released an extremely popular game, which is also suitable for families, despite controversial functions. There is also one of the best indoor fitness packages for the Switch with Ring Fit Adventure, but there are also supply bottlenecks all over the world.

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