Play new iPhones on old iPod docks: Bluetooth adapter from 10 euros

Those who want to play loud music today use Bluetooth or WLAN boxes. Old iPod docks, with the 30-pin connector now replaced by the Lightning connector, end up in the basement or gather dust on the desk instead. It is usually possible to supply them with music via a jack cable – but this interface is now out of date and only available on a few smartphones. This is particularly sad with high-quality iPod docks from brand manufacturers, because they once cost a lot of money and their sound quality is often excellent.

With universal Bluetooth adapters, you can continue to use the dock in a meaningful way. These receive music wirelessly from the smartphone and pass it on to the stereo system or loudspeaker via Toslink or jack cable. However, the devices need their own power connection and occupy the AUX connection. More on this in our guide to Bluetooth adapters for stereo systems, headphones and TV.

Special 30-pin adapters are more suitable here: They are very compact, draw power directly from the dock and also leave the jack connection free. This is useful, for example, when the loudspeaker is docked on the desk and is used as a computer loudspeaker at the same time.

Of the Ziocom bluetooth receiver with 30-pin connector for 22 euros arrives with us with a quick start guide in a small cardboard box. The technology of the BT receiver is in a black plastic housing with a glossy surface. With dimensions of 52 x 9 x 36 mm, the device is smaller than a matchbox. The feel, however, is favorable. On the one hand, this is due to the low weight of just 12 grams, and the on-off slide switch installed on the top rattles. Next to the switch are two status LEDs and an AUX jack connection. On the underside you can see the Apple-typical 30-pin connector, which connects the receiver and the iPod dock.

The functionality corresponds to a classic audio Bluetooth adapter and is ultimately self-explanatory. After placing the receiver on the 30-pin connector of the sound dock, the device is first switched on and it starts to flash red-blue. This is followed by reaching for the smartphone and the pairing process. If the Bluetooth connection is activated, the search for new devices now follows. After selecting the receiver named Soul2, the iPhones and Android smartphones used in the test connect to the receiver without any problems.

The adapter is now recognized by the respective smartphone as Bluetooth headphones and videos and music can now be heard via the connected iPod dock. There is no noise, crackling or dropouts: the sound quality is good. The range in the test is just under 10 meters before the first brief signal interruptions occur. The walk to the next room is therefore possible without any problems.

After switching from one dock to another and switching on again, the connection is reliably re-established. A new pairing or manual connection is not necessary.

The receiver we use currently costs 22 euros and, in our opinion, it is definitely worth the money. Given the price of several hundred euros for a high-quality sound dock, this sum is well invested. According to the price comparison, the model tested is currently not available. This is directly at Amazon BT receiver from Ziocom but to be found.

Comparable adapters are currently listed from 10 euros in the price comparison.

Special 30-pin Bluetooth receivers breathe life back into old iPod docks. The possibility of using old, high-quality boxes with new smartphones is easy on the wallet and, thanks to the wireless connection, ensures greater convenience. If you still have an old sound dock at home, you should buy this practical gadget.