Player Using His Feet in Overwatch


Playing games is the right of everyone in the world. Actor Tucker Griggs, who managed to rise to the master level in Overwatch, with his feet, is an example of this.

The notion that computer games are played by a certain segment has become a thing of the past. It turns out that games are for everyone. 23-year-old actress and broadcaster Tucker Griggsmanaged to rise to the Master level in Overwatch, where he played using his feet.

Reaching the Master level in Blizzard’s popular game means to be among the best 5% player group is required. Griggs also stands out as the last star of Totally Game. The player also has a Twitch channel.

Taking your opponents under your feet


Tucker Griggs is also on Twitch FragsByTheFoot It also broadcasts under the name. Artrogripozis Multiplex Konjenita The player whose arm muscles do not develop due to the so-called discomfort, therefore, has to use his feet while playing.


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Tucker’s mother told Totally Game that the game had positive effects on her son. The woman who said some of Tucker’s friends played baseball and some of his friends played football, at the end of the day. that all the children are playing video games at home and stated that at this point the conditions were equal for his son.

Tucker, who started playing Overwatch 3 years ago, that he started broadcasting plays 2 years ago it states. However, the main striking feature of the young broadcaster is that he can cook, not play games.

He uses the phone with his nose



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The story of Tucker Griggs is quite inspiring. Learning to use his feet for most operations, Griggs prefers a different method when it comes to using a smartphone and he’s using his nose.

The publisher who causes those who are incompetent in the game to think once more before saying “Sleeveless”, He won’t stop playing for the rest of his life says. Also, let us remind you that Griggs does not have specially produced equipment for playing games, and that he struggles with standard equipment.

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