Players love to eat while playing


Players around the world have habits such as eating and drinking while playing games. According to the research, almost 80 percent of the players have a habit of eating and drinking while playing games.

Many people today are sitting at the computer to eat prefers. People who do activities such as watching movies and series while eating, every day to screen more connecting. According to a new study, people like to eat while playing games. In a research by Newzoo, the players 80 percent likes to eat or drink while playing games at the computer.

According to the research conducted in North America, Western Europe and APAC (Asia – Pacific) region, the rate of eating and drinking changes while playing games from region to region. The country that eats the most while playing games in the world APAC Located in the area IndiaWas announced to be in. According to the researches, 94 percent of the gamers in India prefer to eat or drink while playing.

In all regions, men 55 percentIs discovered that while eating, while eating, the age range in which this habit is the most 21 – 35 age group it was announced. The research result shows us that people like to eat while playing. This situation is interesting because we do not need to interact with the computer in content such as movies and series, but we are always in action. Both playing games and eating can be a little more difficult.

What is consumed while playing games?

According to the research results, people who consume food while playing games, salty snacks, sweet snacks and soft drinks prefers. While women prefer salty snacks more, it was announced that men can choose a much more diverse food while playing.


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Varies by age and region

When we look at the results of the research, we see that both the age of the players and the preferences of eating and drinking have changed from region to region. For example, in North America, players between the ages of 10 and 15 prefer salty snacks, while the 16-20 age group prefer soft drinks while playing games. Western Europe is home to players who like drinking beer while playing games.

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